Enterbday 1/6 Real Masterpiece: NBA - Ja Morant

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Scale: 1/6

Points of Articulations: 30

Height: Around 12 Inches



-1 newly developed head sculpt of museum-like representation of Ja Morant with authentic likeness, regular (iconic) facial expression

-Newly developed Ja Morant body with 30 points of articulations, the height is according to Ja Morant’s actual height in scale



- Ja Morant signature interchangeable hands x 8 pieces, including a pair with magnets inside 

- Official No. 12 NBA Memphis Grizzlies Jersey with shorts X 1 set

- Memphis Grizzlies sleeveless hoodie X 1

- Basketball tights X 1 pairs

- White elbow band X 1

- White socks X 1 pairs

- Sneakers X 1 pairs

- Eddie Gottlieb Trophy X 1

- 1/6 scale Wilson Official NBA Basketball with magnet inside X 1

- Figurine stand which can easily twist and curl with a wooden base printed with Memphis Grizzlies Team logo X 1 set

- Double side-printed cardboard with magnets which can stick with the newly developed base accessory to have more fun with different backgrounds X 1


ETA:  2nd qtr 2023